Why join Limitless Factor?

We are a young company. What this means is you get to experience working in a young & dynamic startup that is at the forefront of growth. You won't be just a cog in the wheel here.


Here are some other exciting benefits of working at a young company like Limitless Factor:

  • Fast-track for professional growth Being a growing company, we have plenty of room for growth and development. This is unlike in older organizations where the “high-flying positions” have already been taken up by seniors…who can’t move ahead with the times.
  • Personal Growth At Limitless Factor, you get to work directly with the company’s founder and directors. What better way to learn and develop? In some companies, you have to first get past the gatekeepers (otherwise known as secretaries) and book a meeting time.
  • Be Yourself When there are humans, there’s politics. With a small team at Limitless Factor, there’s minimal or no politics. You get to be yourself as you work amongst a closely-knitted family.
  • Express Yourself While we don’t expect to see our colleagues coming to work in their pajamas and slippers, there’s no need for shirts and ties here (unless you wish to). You can leave your leather shoes at home too.
  • Be Heard We don’t hire anybody to be a slave. Your opinions matter and can make a real difference to the company. We hear you.
  • Flexibility Limitless Factor is results-driven. We are not a process-driven company or factory. Working hours are flexible. We will not force you to be seated at your desk by 9:00 am or enforce strict lunch hours. After all, we are a private enterprise. We are not part of any military force.

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